Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mon, Nagaland, Part 1: Smoke signals in Konyak country

A second trip to Mon took me to Lungwa village, an hour's ride away from the district center, Mon town. The village is legendary even amongst Konyak people. The Angh's (chief) house is split between India and Burma, ergo, his food is made in Burma while his bed is laid in India. He has numerous wives and enjoys command over many villages. In one of the smaller kitchens on the Burmese side of the house, there was a different recipe brewing. An elaborate process of heating, vapourising, stuffing and smoking resulted in all of us opiated and satiated.

  A Konyak man and child. Trust him not to get his grandfather's tattoos in these times.
A Konyak man at the Angh's kitchen. He had some beautiful feet.
A kid sitting in front of trophies of animal heads hanging in a hall in the Angh's house.
Smoking in the Angh's kitchen with the Angh in the background. A beautiful shaft of light over him.
At the Indian edge of the Angh's house.

A beautiful Konyak girl who didnt appreciate the camera on her face. Her anger is evident.

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